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Insider Update: September Deals and New Products


New products and special offers available now at Videoguys.com! If you are having problems viewing this e-mail or would like to see it in your web browser click this link or copy and paste it in your browser for all these great specials –http://www.webvideoguys.com/new-sept.html

Great Deals and New Products Available Now!

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Last Chance to Crossgrade to

EDIUS Pro 7 for Less than $300!

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro Crossgrade Special

Crossgrade from any video editing software from Apple, Avid, Adobe, Sony, Pinnacle or Grass Valley EDIUS 6 or below to Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 for less than $300 – and get a FREE upgrade to EDIUS Pro 7. HURRY! When the 6.5 crossgrade sells out the crossgrade direct to version 7 will increase to $359.00!

EDIUS® Pro 7 is the fastest and most versatile real time editing software—4K, 3D, HD, SD, and almost any format from 24×24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequences, all in real time.

EDIUS Pro 7 means more resolutions, unlimited tracks, and real-time editing for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere. EDIUS Pro 7 is the perfect finishing tool for broadcast news, newsmagazine content, and studio programs, as well as corporate, documentary, and 4K theatrical productions.

Click here to learn more about Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 with the complete FAQ with more details on 64-bit support, Hardware & Software support and more!

$299.00 while supplies last

Crossgrade to EDIUS Pro 6.5 with FREE, downloadable upgrade to EDIUS Pro 7 available while supplies last.

HURRY! When the 6.5 crossgrade sells out the crossgrade direct to version 7 will increase to $359.00!

September Special! An Extra $50 Off EditShare Lightworks Bundle!

EditShare Lightworks Pro

Bundle with
Custom Keyboard

Lightworks is the fastest, most accessible and focused NLE in the industry, because it is based on the simple idea that the editor, not the computer industry, knows what’s best. The latest release of Lightworks is based on the cumulative knowledge from twenty years of top-flight editing.

A custom designed keyboard, ergonomically designed for fast and efficient use. The Lightworks Keyboard offers much more than standard editing features, such as advanced modes, project functions and direct links to the Lightworks Community.

1 year subscription reg $199

On Sale Now through 9/30/13

New Slim, Portable Blu-ray Disc Burner for Windows 8 & Mac!

NEW! Pioneer BDR-XD05 Bundles with Digistor Rewind Archiving Software

Finally, a complete Blu-ray Archiving solution for your digital videos, photos, multimedia, music & more! The BluStor bundle includes everything you need to back up your work, your memories, and your digital life to high-capacity, long-term reliable and secure Blu-ray discs! The BluStor Bundle includes:

 Pioneer BDR-X05 Portable Blu-Ray Disc Writer

One of the world’s smallest and lightest BD/DVD/CD portable burners supporting BDXL. The ultra-compact USB 3.0/2.0 clamshell type drive can read and write to all BDXL discs, as well as conventional Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs

 Digistor REWIND™ Archiving software for PC & Mac

An easy to use data storage application to archive all your digital assets. You can keep your archive going forever and REWIND will continue to burn to the Blu-ray disc until it’s full, then it will span to multiple discs to allow you to grow your archive. The Restore app is burned right on the disc! Restore to any computer by just inserting your archived disc and running the Restore app from the disc, no software installation required.

Bundles starting at just $99.95

SPECIAL! Save $1,000 on Avid Mojo DX with Media Composer 7 Bundles for a Limited Time Only!

Avid Media Composer 7 Mojo DX Bundles

You’re always balancing quality, cost, and the next deadline. By pairing Media Composer or NewsCutter software with a high-performance digital video interface, you get a head start on all three.

Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which squeezes the most performance out of your system, the editing software tightly integrates Mojo DX video hardware with your host computer’s CPU and GPU, giving you a high-bandwidth effects engine that delivers without compromise—no matter what formats and codecs you use. Whether you’re working with tape or going tapeless, experience faster editing—plus digital capture, monitoring, and output—in a powerful, portable, cost-effective solution.

MojoDX bundles – quantities are limited. These bundles reflect savings that are no longer available from Avid, but we found several units in our warehouse that were purchased under an older promotion. We have reconfigured these bundles with MC7 at these fantastic savings. When they are gone, we will go back to our regular pricing.

Full version – $2,999.00
Reg $3,999. Special While Supplies Last

Upgrades starting at $2,399.00

NewTek Announces Next Generation Professional TriCaster Family!

NewTek unveiled the next generation of its industry-standard, professional TriCaster multi-camera production systems, introducing three new models—TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410. The newly expanded product family offers a number of innovative industry firsts that represent a quantum leap forward in integrated live video production and enable video producers to deliver programs with a level of quality and visual impact that has never before been possible with single, turnkey multi-camera production systems. All products in the new line will begin shipping on September 12, 2013.

The new family of professional TriCaster systems includes four models, each designed to address a wide range of multi-camera video production needs. The specific models are:

TriCaster 410—a streamlined, compact system with a full 4 M/E production switcher, HD-SDI connectivity, and tools for live-only delivery, ideal for anyone producing small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts with powerful media sharing and disk recording capabilities.


TriCaster 460—a compact system with a full 4 M/E production switcher with greater connectivity and broader creative flexibility for any small or medium-sized production, particularly where live video content is touched up, re-packaged or re-purposed for postproduction or supplemental programming.

TriCaster 860—a system designed for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and postproduction tools, offering a full 8 M/E production switcher, plus more channels, sources, I/O, graphics and effects, and greater capacity for media storage.

Affordable, Ethernet Shared Storage Solutions from Small Tree!


Small Tree GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ

GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-5 is a full featured, high-performance video editing shared storage appliance with advanced file sharing capabilities. TitaniumZ-5 is designed to enable video editors with limited resources to focus on the task of editing videos and meeting their schedule requirements.

GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-5 is an all-in-one Ethernet-based shared storage solution for professional video editors who require shared access to media files. The Server, Networking, and Storage are all accommodated within TitaniumZ-5’s space saving desk top design.

Whether it is at home, in the office, at the studio, or on the move with a mobile production crew, TitaniumZ-5 allows you to immediately begin to edit video once you’re on site.

GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-5 is a five-drive system supporting 2TB, 3TB or 4TB disk drives. Combined with the 4 GbE ports, the system is simple to set up and manage allowing the storage to be available to users within minutes of initial start up.

starting at $7,428.00


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